CNL is a company which within a short period of time has attained premier status as one of Nigeria’s bus manufacturers representatives. The Chairman of company is the pioneer Managing Director of Offshore Integrated Concession Limited (OICL) the company the supplied the Ashok Leyland buses that were used for over 9 years in Lagos Bus Rapid Transit scheme. The company popularized Ashok Leyland brand of City buses in Nigeria.

Toyota Vehicle Repairs

We also run an Auto Shop where we have qualified and experienced engineers that can handle all the range Toyota vehicles.

It is a Total Package for your company vehicles – Body, Mechanical and Electrical works. Trust us to treat your vehicles as special as you are

After-Sales Services

With our qualified and experienced professionals, we offer after-sales services with the quickest possible turnaround time at the lowest possible cost. We cover Annual Maintenance Contracts to intuitive maintenance programmes and the latest technology innovations in Telematics.

Genuine Spares

Each of the nearly 89,000 parts that go into making an Ashok Leyland product is the result of years of research and rigorous quality standards, to deliver durability, And when it comes to spares, all of these parts, without exception, are made available to the customer.

Security Services

Our goal is to create an individualized and personalized system for our customers. We will provide the appropriate technology, design, and installation and technical support necessary to deliver the system you require.

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