About Us

CNL is a company which within a short period of time has attained premier status as one of Nigeria’s bus manufacturers representatives. The Chairman of company is the pioneer Managing Director of Offshore Integrated Concession Limited (OICL) the company the supplied the Ashok Leyland buses that were used for over 9 years in Lagos Bus Rapid Transit scheme. The company popularized Ashok Leyland brand of City buses in Nigeria.

CNL is the Nigeria exclusive representative of Chinese manufacturers of Sunlong bus, the third largest bus manufacturing company in China. CNL have an unwavering vision of seeing Nigerian enjoy the benefits of seamless, comfortable and reliable transportation system by working with other Nigerians with the needed competence to deploy efficient and effective commuter transport management systems and processes. In recent months, the management invited on board widely travelled, well trained and experienced professionals to handle its daily administrative and strategic affairs.

The company have established good relationship with manufacturers, have secured working relationship with international funding groups to access single digit interest for its bus supply to its customers. It has equally establish fleet management company with other like minded Nigerians as part of its philosophy of end to end transportation solutions to manage the proposed largest bus fleet in West Africa- CROSS BORDER TRANSPORT.

It equally have a maintenance arm with well trained engineers and technicians to handle the maintenance of the buses.
The fleet management experience of CNL is the aggregation of the basic experience of the shareholders and management who have cumulative and disperse sector of mass transportation in Nigeria. The Chairman and the top management team have over 100 years combined experience in transportation sector in Nigeria.

The company committed to ensure that scheme succeeds just as the other schemes succeeded. This also influenced its resolve to use CROSS BORDER to manage the fleet. Cross Border has since dispatched strong team across the country to conduct route viability studies, passengers count and infrastructure demands for this scheme across the country.

Goals & Objectives

  1. 1
    Goal 1: Improve transportation mobility and capacity.


    • Provide affordable, comfortable, safe and reliable transportation system to majority of Nigerians.
    • Attract new riders to the transit system.

  2. 2
    Goal 2: Maximize the efficiency, effectiveness, and compatibility of the transit investment


    • Provide expanded and reliable transit service, including increased frequency and a longer span of service
    • Provide transit service that is user-friendly and attractive to daily users and occasional users, such as visitors
    • Develop safe, comfortable, and convenient transit facilities, such as stations and stops.
    • Ensure compatibility with existing transit services.
    • Promote travel demand management and parking management strategies.

  3. 3
    Goal3: Provide a transit investment that can be implemented within budget constraints


    • Minimize capital costs
    • Provide opportunities for public-private partnerships
    • Minimize operating and maintenance costs
    • Maximize cost effectiveness

Our Vision

Is to be one of Africa’s best and most dynamic integrated bus dealers company

Our Mission

Is to design and implement an overall long-range transportation schemes that will provide an efficient, appropriate, and integrated transit connection that will offer convenient, accessible and affordable mobility for Nigeria commuters.

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