Modern, robust and reliable

The robust Cheetah is compliant with the latest emission norms. The bus features an aesthetically improved instrument cluster with an electronic speedometer and engine RPM meter. The six-speed synchromesh overdrive gearbox enables better fuel economy. The bus has wider brakes for better brake response, reliability, and enhanced service life.

Better drivability and comfort

Featuring a large grille, a smaller front overhang, integral power steering and high torque, the Cheetah has the agility to tackle hilly terrains. The leaf-spring suspension and shock absorbers ensure great passenger comfort during journeys over long distances or on bumpy roads.

Benefits to the Stake holders

  • Lesser travel time
  • Option for carrying luggage
  • Provides the lowest fare compared to rail / air
  • Improves safety as the bus adheres to bus body code norms

Technical Specifications

Engine model H Series 6 cylinder CRS diesel engine
Emission Norms BS IV with i-EGR
Maximum Power 118 kW (158 HP) @ 2400 rpm
Maximum Torque 550 Nm @ 1200 – 1900 rpm
Clutch 14” Axial clutch with Mechanical Actuation
Transmission 6 Speed Synchromesh overdrive gearbox
Front Suspension Semi Elliptical Multi leaf Spring
Rear Suspension Semi Elliptical Multi leaf Spring
Steering Integral power steering
Brakes Full air dual line with ABS
Auxiliary brake Exhaust Brake (optional)
Parking brakes Flick Valve operated hand brake on rear wheel only
AC option No
Electricals 24V, 150Ah Battery, 55A Alternator
Tyres 10R20 tube radials (or) 295/80 R 22.5 tubeless radials
Fuel tank 165 Litres / 239 Litres
Major dimension
Overall Length, mm 8742 9839 10124
Wheelbase, mm 4470 5156 5334
Front overhang, mm 1590 1590 1590
Rear overhang, mm 2682 3094 3200
GVW, Kg 16200 16200 16200
Floor Height, mm 1150 1150 1150
Seating capacity 38+D, 3×2, High Back rest 43+D, 3×2, High Back rest 48+D, 3×2, High Back rest

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