Ecomet 1012 Tipper


Packed with Performance

The proven 130-HP H-series engine powers the Ecomet 1012 Tipper. It delivers high performance right off the block, and the thoughtfully engineered aggregates all along the driveline ensure higher, uninterrupted, uptime. The ideal balance of both performance and mileage, the 130 HP engine offers greater fuel efficiency and power for a variety of applications when compared to conventional 140 hp engines. It’s 5 CMB capacity ensures efficiency in heavy load conditions. The drop side deck offers ease of operations where manoeuvrability is a premium. Thanks to the high quality aggregates and better design, change intervals are longest in the industry – with aggregates lasting up to twice as long as other conventional trucks.

Inclined Towards Reliability

The built-in reliability of the Ecomet is an incredible asset in all the applications it has been designed for. With a gradeability of an astounding 33%, an Ecomet Tipper operator takes his truck where others won’t. The optimised driveline of the 4-cylinder CRS engine offers high initial pickup with flat torque – which means even, reliable power across a wide rpm range, thus ensuring the best drivability and mileage – higher revenues for every trip. The Ashok Leyland advantage of overdrive in the durable 6-speed gearbox which ensures high mileage even in empty return operations. Apart from minimal effort in gearshift for a more comfortable ride, the 330 mm diameter ‘diaphragm’ clutch requires no finger adjustments, supports higher clamping load and longer clutch life.

Superior Durability

Applications like construction, blue metal and earthwork are highly demanding on the vehicle not just in terms of performance, but also on the physical structure. In its tipper avatar, the proven durability of the Ecomet platform is further reinforced with heavy duty aggregates and thicker, stronger surfaces. The head board, side board and tail door come with a 3 mm thickness while the floor plat inside a spacious cabin is 8 mm thick. The all-steel ladder type frame with bolted construction is rigid and stable even under duress. The I Section Reverse Elliot front axle and the Fully-Floating Hypoid rear axle are both designed for greater load bearing and better manoeuvrability in sub-optimal terrain.

The iEGR Advantage

A revolutionary BSIV technology that enables efficient, hassle-free transition. Unlike SCR systems, iEGR needs no AdBlue for emission control. It also does not need additional sensors or complex electronics and in fact shares common parts with BSIII engines. Despite this, iEGR delivers better mileage and lower maintenance cost. Combining the best of CRS (Common Rail System) and EGR, it uses improved in-cylinder combustion management for reduced injection pressure leading to better engine life, successfully meeting BS IV emission norms. Its efficient exhaust and combustion system results in 10% better fuel efficiency than BS III engines in some applications. iEGR is the most ideal BSIV technology for your business.

Technical Specifications

Engine H series 4 cylinder CRS
Maximum power 130 HP @ 2400 rpm
Maximum torque 450 Nm @ 1250-2000 rpm
Clutch 330 mm dia single plate dry type – hydraulic actuation
Transmission Synchromesh 6 speed gearbox with overdrive
Front axle I section reverse elliot
Rear axle Fully floating hyphoid axle
Frame All steel ladder type with bolted construction
Suspension Shackle-ended multileaf springs
Brakes Full air, dual line, S-cam brakes
Parking brakes Spring actuated, pneumatic parking brakes on rear wheels only
Fuel tank capacity 115 litres
Battery 12 V – 100 Ah
Tyres 8.25X16 – 16 PR

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