Lynx Smart


Best-in-class passenger comfort

The H-series, 4- cylinder iEGR CRS engine in our Lynx Smart Plus delivers best in class Engine Power and Torque. With the iEGR technology, it offers higher fuel mileage and low cost of maintenance. (No Ad-blue)

# The proven, reliable and matching aggregates offers faster turnaround time, low maintenance cost and superior performance.

# The TM-31 and TM-43 high capacity A.C. compressor from M/s. Valeo ensures faster cooling for best-in-class passenger comfort.

Benefits for stakeholders

 High capacity A.C. compressor – TM 31 with 7T capacity for 7.8m & 8.3m, TM 43 with 10T capacity for 9.4m.

*  Factory fitted A.C. Compressor with dynamically balanced damper pulley.

 Tubeless tyres provide better Fuel Mileage and longer Tyre Life.

 24V electrical system takes care of A.C. load and other electrical loads seamlessly.

 Assured OEM Quality and Warranty.

Technical Specifications

Chassis Specifications Lynx Smart PLUS
Wheelbase 3900 4200 4900
Engine Model “H’ Series – 4 cylinder iEGR diesel CRS BS4”
Maximun power 95kW @ 2400 rpm
Maximum torque 450Nm @ 1400-2000 rpm
Clutch 330 mm dia. Diaphram type with air assisted hydraulic actuation
Gearbox “5 speed Synchromesh overdrive gear box”
Suspension Semi-elliptical Parabolic
Fuel tank 115 liters
Steering Power steering
Braking system Dual circuit , full air ‘S’ cam brake system
Wheels & tyres (6+1 nos.) 235/75 R 17.5 tubeless
Electrical system 24V -150Ah battery, 150A alternator
Engine mounted A.C. Compressor TM-31 compressor TM-43 compressor
Bodys Specifications Lynx Smart PLUS
Wheelbase (mm) 3900 4200 4900
Structure Only chassis
Windows Only chassis
Doors Only chassis
Seats Only chassis
Safety features Only chassis
Major dimension
Wheelbase (mm) 3900
Overall width (mm) Only chassis
Overall height (mm) Only chassis
Overall length (mm) Only chassis
GVW (Kgs) Only chassis

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