U 3118 LA


U 3118

Essential, time-sensitive transporting applications like bulkers, tankers and cement transportation demand a high degree of reliability and uninterrupted uptime. The U3118, with rugged aggregates, superior performance and fuel economy, is the ideal platform for cost sensitive long haul applications.

Superior Performance

Every aspect of the U-Truck is designed with you – the customer – in mind. Performance is at the heart of these vehicles, infused all along the driveline. The H-Series, 180 HP Common Rail System (CRS) engine with a reliable CB18 fuel injection system offers a high initial pickup, better fuel economy and a smoother drive. Your vehicle is off the block quickly, even with dense loads, and delivers great mileage every time. The ceramic coated 15-inch clutch plate is built to last 1.5 times longer than conventional models. Coupled with clutch booster actuation, the vehicle has better power transmission, less driver fatigue and consequently, more productivity. The ALGB940 6-speed gearbox has a high first gear ratio of 9.04:1, and is capable of withstanding a high torque input of 893 Nm. The FA99 pusher lift front axle brings improved maneuverability, better stability and safety to the drive. With a higher wheel lock angle, the best-in-class turning circle diameter is further reduced and the bigger bearing makes for larger load carrying capacity. And the robust rear axle has a high RAR ratio of 5.83:1.

Uncompromising Reliability

The superior performance of the U-Truck is a constant on the road, no matter what the variables in ride conditions. This reliability is achieved by advanced design, robust aggregates and an ecosystem focused on delivering the highest uptime at the greatest economy. Thanks to their superior durability, aggregates of the Ashok Leyland 3118 U-Truck platform last much longer than conventional alternatives. The engine, gearbox, crown all experience much lesser wear and tear during their lifetime. The 11-inch frame and matching optimised aggregates have a longer life of high performance. The flat torque curve across 1200 to 1900 rpm, high torque with matching driveline, a contemporary fuel injection pump all combine to deliver high mileage even on the most arduous trips. The reliability of key aggregates also translates into much greater maintenance intervals and a sharp dip in operational costs. For instance, engine oil change is needed only one in 80,000 kilometres, while engine coolant will continue to perform for up to 2,00,000 kilometres.

Customer-Inspired Cabin Design

The durable, crash-tested cabin with an all-steel bumper guarantees high safety standards, while the advanced Ashok Leyland telematics (see iAlert, Leyland Direct) keep all key stakeholders connected at every stage of the journey. The thoughtfully designed interiors – ergonomic seat, daytime sleeping cabin facility–minimise the strain of an already arduous assignment. Getting in and out of the cabin is itself designed to invoke comfort. Padded handles, two-step, evenly-spaced entry and tread plate with ample depth and grip provide easy ingress and egress. With one of the largest wind screens in trucks its class, the U-Truck allows for maximum visibility. Comfortable bucket seats with integrated head rest for both driver and co-driver ensure ergonomic comfort. A mobile holder and toll ticket holder are essential, thoughtful touches. In addition, an overhead stowage area can also be made use of. Apart from the primary shock absorber in the axle, a secondary shocker in the cab isolates bumps and turbulence. The cab is fixed with pivot arrangement for minimal rolling during cornering, particularly in tanker applications.

iEGR, the Advanced EGR

A revolutionary BSIV technology that enables efficient, hassle-free transition. Unlike SCR systems, iEGR needs no AdBlue for emission control. It also does not need additional sensors or complex electronics and in fact shares common parts with BSIII engines. Despite this, iEGR delivers better mileage and lower maintenance cost. Combining the best of CRS (Common Rail System) and EGR, it uses improved in-cylinder combustion management for reduced injection pressure leading to better engine life, powering engines up to 400 HP while successfully meeting BS IV emission norms. It’s efficient exhaust and combustion system results in 10% better fuel efficiency than BS III engines in some applications. iEGR is the most ideal BSIV technology for your business.

Technical Specifications

Engine H series CRS engine with iEGR technology
Maximum power 180 HP @ 2400 rpm
Maximum torque 660 Nm @ 1200-1900 rpm
Clutch 380 mm dia, single plate dry type with clutch booster
Rear axle Fully floating, single speed hypoid, with 5.83:1 RAR
Rear axle Fully floating, single speed hypoid, with 5.83:1 RAR
Frame 275 X 90 X 6 mm
Suspension Semi-elliptic multileaf with shock absorbers in front and equalizer link rod in rear
Brakes Full air dual line with ABS
Parking brakes Pneumatic flick valve operated on rear wheels only
Fuel tank capacity 400 lts cross link polymer
Battery 2 X 12V
Tyres 10.00X20 – 16PR radial

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