Dr. Desmond Amiegbebhor (FCILT)

He is a Non Executive Director of the company. He has over the last 20 years, been actively involved in the Transport Sector as a Reformist, Researcher, Developer and Industrial practitioner. Between 1991 and 1992, he was attached to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Nigeria (Lagos) where he held administrative and Part–time lecturing responsibilities. Following his engagement in the National Youth Service Corps between 1992 and 1993, he was practically involved in research activities for which he earned a state commendation award during the service year. Subsequently, he joined Associated Bus Company Plc(ABC Transport Plc) in 1993 where he grew to the rank of General Manager. Until 2007, he was appointed Senior Specialist, Public Transport (LAMATA) and later Deputy Director, Bus Transport in LAMATA. More recently, he has been involved in developing sustainable urban transport system and modelling in Port Harcourt, Calabar and Lagos States of Nigeria. His career ambition is to continually and positively impact on transport developments in any ramifications through active sustainable researching, planning and executions.


  • Transport operations and management
  • Traffic demand management
  • Transport planning and development
  • Transport network analysis
  • Traffic forecasting
  • Bus Transport management
  • Urban, interurban and regional transport
  • Transport Logistics
  • Urban Mobility Analysis
  • Accessibility measurement
  • Bus Performance management
  • Traffic Zoning
  • Traffic safety
  • Transport investment planning


  • To lead the strategic reform of the bus transport sector in Lagos State
  • To design and implement system and procedures for the identification and implementation of bus transport improvements in accordance with the appropriate corporate policy objectives and in liaison with the departments of Road Maintenance and Traffic Management
  • To promote the definition and application of quality standards for the provision of bus transport services in Lagos State
  • To oversee the realization of an efficient and effective Bus Rapid transit (BRT) network in Lagos State, including planning, regulating, management and monitoring all aspects of the operations of BRT services
  • To provide expert input/specifications on infrastructure/facilities needed to support effective bus and BRT operations in the State
  • To agree and monitor bus franchise agreements with bus operators, including audits of operator activities and their performance on a regular basis and reporting outcomes to management
  • Facilitate the promulgation and enforcement of traffic and transport related regulations necessary for the efficient and effective operation of bus services in the State

He was a general Manager, Operations and Logistics-Associated Bus Company Plc with the following scope:

  • General administration of the company to conduct spatial traffic researches and analysize for decision making.
  • Strategic transport plans for market penetration and competitiveness
  • Fleet distribution and optimizations and maximum capacity utilizations
  • Travel analysis and forecasting of demand
  • Fleet operations management which involve rostering, scheduling and tracking
  • Develop business plans and strategy for expansions

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